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I’ve been working in school administration for about a decade. But before I took a leadership position, I was a music teacher. I believe in arts education, and there’s plenty of data to back-up my stance that the arts matter:

  • a substantial increase in arts educational experiences has remarkable impacts on students’ academic, social, and emotional outcomes.
  • Researchers detail reductions in disciplinary infractions, improvement in standardized writing scores, and even an increase in compassion.*

At Westinghouse Arts Academy, we live the truth in these numbers every day. Our students thrive in an arts-immersive, creative environment. A typical student’s weekly schedule includes at least a quarter of their schedule…and sometimes even closer to half of their time spent in classes related to their area of focus. An arts elective in a traditional high school schedule delivers 2-3 hours of arts instruction a week, while our schedule offers just as much in a single day. With arts to fuel their motivation, our students also complete core academics with increased levels of engagement and graduate ready for college and career.

We recently polled our latest Freshmen class, and they let us know that this model is working:

  • 100% of students responding said they’ve grown “a lot” as artists.
  • 70% feel they’re challenged “a lot,” and 100% reported being challenged “a little” or “a lot.”
  • 89% intend to, or have recommended us to a friend.

For the right student, we’re the perfect fit. When asked about the best thing about our school, we heard the same themes: creative expression, supportive teachers, engaging classes. This is the response that resonates most deeply with me:

Everything. It literally saved my life.

We’re proud of these results, and hope you’ll be inspired to take a closer look, too.

Looking to join our ranks? Take a closer look at each of our programs, and come to an upcoming event to learn more about us. If one of our programs is a good fit for you we hope to see you at an upcoming evaluation.

Dr. Betsy D’Emidio


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Admission to Westinghouse Arts Academy is offered to students who successfully audition for one of our six arts focus areas. If you’re interested in audition and enrollment information, sign up to learn more about the process, schedule a tour or shadow day, and secure an evaluation date to audition. Or, support our programs with a financial gift.

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