Green Prom – May 3, 2019

Westinghouse Arts Academy’s inaugural prom is inspired by the philanthropic conscience of the Met Gala. In the past few years, the Met Gala began to focus on saving the environment through the green carpet challenge. Westinghouse’ first prom will mirror this as it is an eco-friendly celebration of sustainability, upcycling, waste reduction, and much more. The green carpet challenge brought environmental issues to the forefront of the students minds as it encouraged them to be a part of the environmental movement. For example, while “normal” proms focus on the concept of abundance and absurd amounts of spending, Westinghouse’s prom will focus on reducing, reusing, and recycling with a touch of conscientiousness spending.

One major focus for the prom is the upcycling of clothing. A challenge was designed by our student programming board to give a gift basket (including environmentally friendly products and services) to the winner of the green carpet challenge. As the months have progressed, students have been shopping at goodwills for fabrics or asking their grandparents for helps in creating their outfits. In addition to clothing, the students will be encouraged to make and borrow vintage jewelry, Shoes, and evening bags. Another component of ecological action for the the prom is to limit the emission of fossil fuels. For transportation, students are encouraged to carpool, use electric cars, public transportation, bicycles, and even horses!

Lastly, the venue ecompasses our overall goal of maintaining the prom’s environmental initiative. The dance is being held in the National Aviary’s historic atrium. This publicly funded organization is ecologically driven and connects our prom to the greater community.

Want To Learn More?

Want To Learn More?

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