Our Programs

Westinghouse Arts Academy Charter School is a creative and performing arts public charter school for grades 9 through 12.

A variety of classes are offered in these areas:  Dance, Digital Arts, Literary Arts, Music, Studio Arts and Theatre in addition to all required academic courses. A typical student day combines academic work with intensive study in one or more areas of the arts. Our personalized approach allows students to focus on one area or participate in cross-disciplinary study based on their goals and interests.

All students who wish to attend will be evaluated based on their interest and aptitude for the arts. Students will be interviewed and present an audition or portfolio of work. The student evaluation will be assessed using a rubric and the overall score will be the basis for enrollment selection.  Students do not need to have previous arts training or be accomplished in their area of arts already to score well on the rubric – preparation and presentation skills are important as well. For more information, visit the Enrollment page.

Studio Arts

Understand the techniques of composition and design to create visual arts in painting, drawing and photography. Study the works of great visual artists and develop your own artistic style.


Study the technique of various styles of dance including ballet, modern, jazz, and tap while learning about dance history, appreciation and composition.


Explore the art of theatre through the study of acting, directing, musical theatre and technical theatre. Gain foundational skills and an understanding of history and analysis while experiencing opportunities for creative expression.

Digital Arts

Learn how to apply artistic techniques through technology. Study the principles of design to create graphic design and motion graphics. Digital Arts also encompasses audio and video production. Compose and create projects while getting hands-on experience.


Instrumental and vocal musicians alike will study technique, musicianship and history while enjoying the opportunity to participate in a variety of ensembles and explore their own musical “voice”.

Literary Arts

Apply your writing talents to a variety of styles of composition including creative writing, journalism and script writing. Study outstanding writers and their styles and immerse yourself in writing.