How much does it cost to attend?

Westinghouse Arts Academy Charter School is a fully authorized, Pennsylvania public school so there is no tuition cost to any student for attending. Any student in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania can apply.

Where is Westinghouse Arts Academy located?

It is located in the newly renovated, historic, art deco former Westinghouse Memorial High School in Wilmerding.

Who decides if I can attend?

A team of educators and artists in each area of interest will evaluate the applicant’s audition or portfolio and conduct entrance interviews. Admission is granted based on the rubric score from that evaluation.

How much time will I have for my arts classes?

Westinghouse Arts Academy will use a blended learning approach so that students can devote at least half of their school day to their arts classes.

How do I get to Westinghouse Arts Academy?

School districts with a border less than 10 miles distance from Westinghouse Arts Academy are legally required to provide transportation to resident students. Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, students who live in a district that is not required to provide transportation will be eligible to receive a Port Authority Transit or Westmoreland Transit bus pass. Students are also permitted to drive themselves or be dropped off and picked up each day.

What about rehearsals and evening events?

Westinghouse Arts Academy offers a variety of extra-curricular clubs as well as performance and exhibition opportunities. Students and their families are responsible for their own transportation to and from after school events.

What is a charter school?

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania created charter schools to provide for school choice outside of the typical public school structure. Local school boards as well as the Pennsylvania Department of Education can grant charters. Charter schools typically have more flexibility and responsibility to offer different programs and teaching methods. However, students in charter schools do take the Keystone Exams and PSSAs required of other public school students to help assess student progress and charter schools must abide by other public school requirements.

Who are the teachers?

Core academics and many arts courses will be taught by PA certified teachers. In addition, teaching artists will bring their expertise and career experience to teach arts classes.

How can I enroll?

Click on the apply now button in the upper right corner of the screen!

What if enrollment is full?

A wait list will be kept in each focus area for all students who are not admitted. Your place on the wait list is determined by your rubric score. When spaces become available, the next student on the wait list will be offered enrollment. This process will continue throughout the school year if spaces become available.

How long is the school year?

Westinghouse Arts Academy follows a traditional school calendar that begins in late August or early September and runs through early June.

Can I still play sports?

Westinghouse Arts Academy’s charter does not permit team sports, but individual athletics such as golf, tennis, or bowling may be offered based on student interest. For team sports like football or basketball, PA State law requires that your home school district permit you to play there (if you make the team!)

Are there clubs?

Each arts focus area has an honors society that students may apply to. In addition, Westinghouse Arts Academy maintains a chapter of the National Honor Society. Other clubs include Student Programming Board, DECA, e-Sports Gaming Club, Travel Club, and Yearbook.